5 Tips to being a happier woman

Happiness tips_how to be happy_happy woman

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with advertisements of the thing that will make you happy. Whether it’s trendy fashion so you can “stand out among your peers” or it’s a new beauty treatment so you can “have the perfect body”.  Or maybe it’s “the vacation of a lifetime” that you NEED […]

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5 Inexpensive date ideas to spice up date night


It’s important to keep “dating“ each other even after you’ve been together for a while. Dating helps to keep things fun and exciting. Fun and excitement help to keep the fire in your relationship alive.  Doing something new together increases adrenaline and dopamine. Your brain will associate that amazing feeling with your S.O (significant other), […]

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Sexual history: Does he need to know?

promiscuous female

This is one of those questions that seem to spark a lot of debate. Many people take the positions that “a lady never tells and a gentleman never asks”. Some would say it’s none of his business and it shouldn’t matter.  My position is slightly unpopular because I believe he has a right to know […]

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