Morning routine: How to develop one that ACTUALLY works

morning routine

Let’s get something straight: there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to creating morning routines. Actually, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to anything but today we’re talking about morning routines. 

You might be able to adopt the morning routine of someone you follow, or you might not. And that’s completely fine. Quite frankly, it’s perfectly alright that you can’t stick to a dedicated rigid routine either. 

As a busy mom of two boys, trust me, I know how difficult it is to stick to a routine. However, it is important for you to try and develop some sort of morning routine as a mom because it does make your life easier and it does make some things flow much more smoothly.

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Plus it saves you a lot of screaming sessions with your kids if they have some sort of an idea of what happens next. Hurray for sanity!

Read UnitedCuties’ article on 10 Best Morning Routines for Success for some ideas to work into your own morning routine.

When trying to develop a morning routine, there are a few things that are imperative. Today I’ll share a few tips with you for how to develop a morning routine that works for YOU. 

Tip #1: Be realistic with your expectations

I know I am guilty of this one – having unrealistic expectations. I go on Pinterest or Youtube and I watch all these other super productive moms share their “#1 tip” or their “secret” to creating a morning routine. 

I  read the blogs and watch the videos of moms showing their routines and I get super pumped and motivated to try it. I manage to stick to it for a day or two and then I’m back to where I started: chaotic mornings

Everyone is stressed because I’m stressed because we’re running out of time and I need to set up for class now, but Skai’s still not ready for school and Josh still hasn’t had breakfast, and Tee is still asleep because he worked late but I have to wake him if I’m gonna pull off getting the kids ready before teaching my first class at 8:00 a.m. DEEP BREATH — EXHALE…

Of course, I start feeling bad about myself because I really want to develop some sort of structure and some sort of order in my mornings. This is why it is important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all. My family dynamic, circumstances, and needs are very different from other mothers. We are all unique in one way or another

When you set your expectations unrealistically, you are bound to be disappointed. So instead of setting your expectations to “do like [insert mom here] does”, try setting it to “just ensure [insert realistic thing here] gets done”. 

In my case, it’s to pack Skai’s bag and get him ready for school by 7:30.  In a future post, I will share my morning routine with you in case you can draw inspiration from it so keep an eye out for that.

Tip #2: Understand that it takes time to develop a routine that works for your family

Again, I was guilty here. Piggybacking off tip number 1, my expectations were very unrealistic in the past: thinking that I could just develop a new morning routine that would stick in just a few days or in a week or two. Surprise, surprise! You cannot change years of habit – or lack thereof – in just a couple of weeks

Also, in my case, it’s multiple people. It’s easy to think “I’m just developing my morning routine”, but in reality, mine is a family of four so I’m trying to change the morning habits of four people all at once! 

Naturally, that is going to take time. Synchronizing everyone’s rhythm – especially when this wasn’t established from day one – is an arduous task. It takes time.

morning routine_how to develop a morning routine_productivity morning routine

Tip #3: Understand that your life is constantly changing and as a result, you must be constantly adapting

This is probably the Achilles heel of most women trying to develop a new morning routine. A “routine” assumes you’ll be doing a set list of tasks in a certain order day after day right? That in itself is the paradox. With our busy lives constantly changing, our routines should also do the same. 

If you have young kids, for example, you might be able to successfully do certain things: brush your teeth, make your bed, wake everyone up.

But sadly, you won’t always get to do everything you set as part of your routine and as your life continuously changes, your needs will change too. 

Changing needs equals changing habits. Changing habits equals changing routines. I can’t tell you how many times over the past year my morning routine has changed. Thankfully, now I finally have a routine that gets everyone off to a smooth-ish start in the mornings. A smooth-ish start equals positive energies. Positive energies equal the right start to the day.

Morning routine tip #4: Be flexible

Naturally – piggybacking on the previous point – things won’t always go as smoothly as planned. And that’s okay. Sometimes you’re gonna have to skip breakfast, or skip that morning shower.

Just be sure to take that shower at some point during the day, or before going to bed. Remember in my post about maintaining vaginal health and keeping the vagina clean, I talked about the importance of washing daily.

You might have to settle for an on-the-go breakfast, like a breakfast smoothie, instead of a sit-down breakfast. But that’s okay as long as you get your nutrients in.

Back to the point at hand.  Flexibility is a necessary part of developing a morning routine that works for you.  If your routine is too rigid, you’re going to drive yourself nuts when you inevitably miss one item on the agenda or when you have to move an item or two around.

Each day comes with its own challenges. Being flexible allows us to bravely take them on without crumbling to a million pieces.

Last but not least, Tip #5: Identity what’s important to you

Last but not least, you have to identify what’s most important to you. Is it meditating for five minutes? Reading your Bible? Ten minutes of yoga? Twenty minutes of cardio? Or is it just getting the kids out the door by a certain time?

If you want to develop a morning routine that is realistic and that actually works for you – one you can actually stick to – then you have to identify the key element in the routine.  Everything else should be planned around that. 

For me, my number one goal is getting my toddler out the door and off to daycare by 7:30 so if I wake at 7:00 guess what my focus will be? Hair, getting dressed – even making breakfast – everything else waits until he’s out the door. Once he’s off to daycare, I can do the other things over the course of the day.

When you’ve identified what’s the most important part of your morning for you – the one thing that if it’s not done can throw off your whole day – then it becomes a lot easier for you to realistically create and stick to a routine.

All in all…

Morning routines are great. They help us to set up our days. If you get your morning off to a great start, chances are, you’re gonna have a much more positive attitude throughout your day. But we have to ensure that we are realistic about our expectations while choosing what’s most important and remembering to be flexible.

What is your morning like? What tips would you share for developing a morning routine? How did you develop your current routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below. I love to hear from my readers?. 

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Thanks all for your support!

-Cheers! ✌


  1. Digitaldaybook says:

    With a mix of work from home and everything my morning routine got a little blurred but I found it to be extremely crucial to have a routine

  2. Thank you for the great tips! As long as the morning routine helps to boost up the positive energy, and works for our productivity, stick to a certain kind of morning routine is a great habit.

    1. Exactly. As long as you remember to be patient and flexible

  3. I remember those days, when every second counted, lol! Nowadays we live a much more laid back lifestyle, almost more like retirement I guess, which is all good. Not bad for 45….

    1. You’re now officially my #goals ?

  4. Great post you have. Really enjoying ?

    1. Thank you. Im happy to hear that

  5. I agree, there’s no one size fits all, it’s more about finding your rhythm as a family (and trying not to pull your hair out while you do. Lol!)

    1. Haha! My thoughts exactly. I couldn’t agree more

  6. Tamandra says:

    Lol you’re absolutely right. Several months in working from home with kids on virtual school I’ll say we have our morning routine down.

    1. ?? yay routine! That’s so awesome! Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  7. Loved this post and will definitely use some of the suggestions!

    1. I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for stopping by

  8. I love this post. I personally wouldn’t call what I do in the morning a routine so your post made me think about being more intentional with that. Thank you!

    1. Yeah. I think being a bit more intentional about what we do while at the same time allowing room for flexibility is definitely an important part of remaining productive

  9. My morning routine always starts with a glass of water then a coffee! Great article thanks!

    1. Great start! Gotta stay hydrated right? Lol ? thanks for commenting

  10. Good morning tips! I do my best to stick with a morning routine because it helps my day start off easier.

    1. Yeap. I agree. My days are a lot more hectic when I just wing it in the morning. Thanks for commenting

  11. These are some good points to keep in mind. I sometimes forget its not just my morning routine I’m trying to change but also my littles as well. It definitely takes some time getting everyone used to doing something new on a regular basis.

    1. Agreed. I struggled with this in the beginning because I didn’t take that into account. But when I finally had the eureka moment, it made everything run a lot smoother. ? thanks for taking the time to comment

  12. Being super pregnant, my morning routine has gone out the window. But reading this has given me ideas on a modified “I’m pregnant with a toddler” morning routine. Thank you for all the wonderful tips!

    1. Haha! I completely understand. Toddlers especially need some semblance of a routine. It makes life a lot easier. Just try not to force yourself into a rigid schedule. “I’m pregnant with a toddler” morning routine should be effective enough. Thanks for your comment

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